Get to Know Me

Kate Remelius is a New York City-based filmmaker with an interest in all aspects of the medium. 

A St. Louis native, Kate has experience in all different forms of art, but concentrates on producing and writing for television and film.

Kate is currently a Senior at New York University- receiving her B.F.A. in Film and Television Production as well as getting a minor in Producing. At NYU, Kate has worked on dozens of film sets, even being chosen to showrun two half-hour pilots.

In her creative journey, she has interned at award-winning audio program company, SueMedia Productions and at WNET, where she worked in the Kids Media and Education department.

She fully believes that at the heart of every good piece of media, there is a story aching to be told. She hopes to be one of the people to tell these stories.

You can find out more about Kate's creative process in her "Fresh Start: Student Works" interview, originally airing on MNN-1.


What's Happening Right Now?

November 2020

"Fresh Start: Student Works"

I was interviewed by indie film producer Karl Bardosh for his docuseries about student filmmakers. We watched several of my old films that I made to get into NYU and the ones I've made since I started studying film. We talked about my creative process and my plans for future projects.

May 2020- August 2020

Camp TV

With my internship at WNET, I have received my first on-TV credit as an intern on Camp TV, an hour-long variety show. Designed to be a day-camp experience from the safety of your own house, this show teaches kids all about art, reading, STEM, and nature. I have assisted on making this show accessible through captioning, finding images/footage, and cost analysis.

May 2020- Current (Hiatus due to COVID-19)

Hand on the Bible

I wrote a half-hour sitcom that I will showrun in the Spring 2021 semester in Advanced TV Production. "Hand on the Bible" follows Blake, a con-artist who has to choose between community and self while working at a church's youth group.
This pilot was also chosen as a finalist for Best Half-Hour Pilot in the Fusion Film Festival.

Jan. 2020- Current (Hiatus due to COVID-19)

Kitchen Table

I have created a half-hour children's pilot that was chosen to be created in NYU's Children TV Production class. It follows Hazel, a thirteen-year-old chef, on the opening night of her very own restaurant. She has to overcome cyberbullying, protests, and spilled cupcakes with the help of her friends and family.